Is a turnkey website right for your big business idea? A turnkey website is the fastest way to get a business website. Learn how to start a turnkey website business and where to find turnkey websites for sale.

Is a turnkey website right for your big business idea?

1. What is a turnkey website?


Have you been looking for a simple way to establish an online presence and generate passive income with minimal effort and low start-up costs? Turnkey websites could be the answer. Turnkey websites are websites that have been designed ahead of time and are ready to launch for your business with minimal tweaks.

Turnkey websites are designed ahead of time to meet many different niche website needs. Because of this, it’s likely that if you have an idea for an online website, there is already a turnkey website out there that fits your needs. Once you pick out a turnkey website that fits your business niche, you can get set up in less than a day on average.

The turnkey website will come with specific instructions to connect the website to your domain and hosting service and update it with customized branding. From there, you can choose some further customization options or go live immediately.

In this article, we’ll talk about the primary features of turnkey websites, their advantages, and disadvantages, how they work, what kinds of businesses they work for, and where to buy them.


Primary features of turnkey websites


Primary features of turnkey websites

Turnkey websites come with a number of useful features that differentiate them from other website set-up solutions. We’ll discuss a number of these in more detail.


  • Pre-Published Content: It’s not just the website itself that is ready when you buy a turnkey website. They also come with pre-published content that is specific to the niche of the site you chose. For example, if the turnkey website is for a clothing e-commerce site, the turnkey website blog might come pre-loaded with articles about fashion and how to build the best-looking outfit with the clothes on the site.
  • Fully Licensed Images: All the images on your website turnkey will be fully licensed, meaning you will never have to pay royalties to use them. Their price is included in the price of the website itself.
  • Affiliate Program Integrations: Affiliate links are one major potential source of revenue from your turnkey website (we’ll speak more about this money-making model later!), and turnkey websites often come pre-linked to popular affiliate programs like those run by Amazon, Clickbank, JVZoo, and others.
  • Mobile Responsive Design: It’s no longer enough to have a website that looks good and is easy to use for computer-based visitors. With more users choosing to browse from their mobile devices, it’s essential that your website be mobile responsive to provide a good user experience to all your visitors.
  • Built-In Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Turnkey websites come with built-in SEO capabilities that help your website rise to the top of search results and attract more visitors.
  • Social Media Integrations: Pre-installed social media integrations allow you to build a social media presence for your business seamlessly and directly from your turnkey website’s control dashboard.

In addition to these common features, there are some infrastructure differences among popular turnkey website sellers and some differentiated features. We’ll talk about these in more detail below.


Pros and cons of turnkey websites


If our explanation of the features of turnkey websites above has piqued your interest in buying a turnkey website to launch your online business, you may be wondering what the catch is. Check out our summary of the advantages and disadvantages of turnkey websites:

  • No technical skills are required to set up a turnkey website. You don’t need any coding experience in PHP because it’s all done for you by the turnkey website developer.
  • You only need to make simple modifications to branding and the pre-published content to get your new website ready to go. All of this can be accomplished with basic edits to the pre-populated HTML code following the instructions provided by the turnkey website developer.
  • The website can be up in less than a day on average, which is a big improvement over how long it takes to use a professional designer or to do it yourself using a website builder like Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace. In comparison, paying for expedited professional website development can set you back hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
  • Turnkey websites are the most cost-effective option for setting up your business’s online presence.
  • Hands-off maintenance makes turnkey websites easy to maintain.
  • Turnkey websites are pre-designed, so if you have a specific vision of what your website must look like, turnkey websites are not for you. You should consider hiring a professional web designer to build out your vision. It will be a lot more expensive, but it will get you exactly what you’re looking for.
  • If you have the technical skill yourself to build a website that matches your vision, you may want to build the website yourself using your own chosen technologies. The technology behind a turnkey website has already been selected and cannot be modified (except for some plugin integrations).
  • If you need extremely specific features that are not a part of the turnkey website package you are considering, it may make more sense to build a custom website using a DIY website builder or to hire a professional web designer who can build the specific feature you need.


2. What are turnkey websites made of?


Turnkey websites can be built using different types of technical infrastructure. This can impact how you update or use the website. We’ll explore two common types below.


Turnkey website development: PHP

One type of turnkey website is developed using PHP, a coding language. Check out our summary of the pros and cons of PHP-based turnkey websites below.

  • Lightweight coding language is good for a website that doesn’t need complex technical elements
  • Large open-source library of third-party plugins
  • Strong PHP user community that constantly improves and updates plugins and shares troubleshooting information
  • PHP-based e-commerce solutions are especially common
  • License-free programming language that is free to use
  • Easy to learn and easy to edit
  • Allows greater flexibility than no-code website development solutions like Wix or Weebly
  • Requires some knowledge of coding to edit PHP-based sites
  • Although turnkey websites are ready out of the box, if you make edits to a PHP-based site, you risk breaking it
  • Not sufficiently powerful to build more technically demanding features like AI, auditing, big data, etc.
  • Limited debugging tool offering can make it difficult to identify the source of errors in code


Turnkey WordPress websites


Almost half the websites on the internet are WordPress-based for a reason: there are a lot of advantages to leveraging WordPress for your website. Check out our summary of the pros and cons of WordPressed-based turnkey websites below.

  • No-code solution available to make website updates much easier, but you can also access the website HTML code through WordPress if necessary
  • Leverage the internet’s top Content Management System (CMS) to allow for easier blog posting and editing
  • Centralized control of website theme allows you to make branding, font, and color changes much more easily
  • User interface gives many more options, which can make it difficult to orient yourself and figure out how to use the WordPress dashboard to edit the site


3. Types of turnkey website businesses


Having been convinced by this article that turnkey websites are simple, feature-rich, and affordable options to get your big business idea off the ground, you may be wondering what are the turnkey websites that make money?

Dropshipping and e-commerce are two of the top categories of turnkey websites. As more and more retailers move away from centralized marketplaces like AliExpress, dropshipping and e-commerce sites are even more popular. Dropshipping and e-commerce sales reached over $4 billion in 2022, representing a 7% year-on-year growth for the last ten years. Even better, small retailers are getting the biggest benefit from this runaway growth, seeing over a 30% increase in conversion rates from mobile visitors. Turnkey websites can help you get a dropshipping or e-commerce website up and running immediately with all the infrastructure necessary to attract visitors, accept payment, and ship product.

Another category of a successful turnkey website is an affiliate marketing model, which generates a royalty payment for directing a visitor to another participating site where they make a purchase. 

We’ll talk about the different types of turnkey website businesses in more detail below.


Turnkey dropship websites


Dropshipping Model

Setting up a turnkey dropshipping business is exceptionally easy – and can be extremely lucrative. In the dropshipping model, the purchased product is shipped directly from the manufacturer or supplier to the customer without the website owner ever having custody of it. This is an asset-light business model with a low barrier to entry, making it perfect for turnkey websites.

With built-in integrations to leading dropshipping services like AliDropship and Empire Flippers, turnkey dropshipping websites come with all the features necessary to run a successful dropshipping business. All you need to do is promote the site and drive visitor traffic.


Turnkey affiliate websites

Affiliate marketing programs reward you for directing others to make purchases on participating websites. Fees are paid as a percentage of the value of the sale. Turnkey affiliate websites come pre-built with key integrations and access to lucrative affiliate marketing programs.

These sites are a great way to generate passive income because the website owner does not have to be involved in any direct sale activities, even if just as an intermediary between supplier and customer, like in the dropshipping model. Affiliate marketing sites are just lucrative redirects to other online merchants.


Turnkey Ecommerce websites

There are many types of turnkey e-commerce websites, such as turnkey clothing websites and turnkey e-commerce bookstores. This type of turnkey website is very similar to turnkey dropshipping websites. The main difference is not in the website itself but in the business model: with traditional e-commerce, the website owner has a stock of products and is directly responsible for shipping orders to customers.

Turnkey websites are a great choice for e-commerce because they come preloaded with the essential infrastructure required to accept payments and fulfill orders.


4. Where to find turnkey websites for sale


Now that you are ready to buy a turnkey website and start an online business of your own, you’ll need to know where to look. Turnkey Websites Online is a leading provider of turnkey websites that can get your website set up immediately – and with no technical skills required on your part.


In addition to the standard turnkey website features, Turnkey Websites Online offers several gold-standard features that differentiate it from its competitors:

  • Autoblogging: Tired of developing new content to manually update your website? Turnkey Websites Online turnkey websites come equipped with an autoblogging feature that automatically updates content to minimize website upkeep needs.
  • After-Sale Service: Turnkey Website offers excellent after-sale support services to make sure you are satisfied with your turnkey website purchase and address any challenges you might be facing.


Buy turnkey websites to start your own business instantly


Find a niche turnkey website option for your big business idea with Turnkey Websites Online. Here are our top-six picks:



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