Utilize Autoblogging for your Website to Save Time

      In our previous articles, we mentioned how Turnkey Websites could be a quick and effective solution for your online prescence, such as quickly setting up your massage website for your business.  

       In order to improve search traffic and increase visitors to your website, actively maintaining the website an creating new content is needed.  This is usually done via a daily or weekly blog, and actively writing new content pertaining to your website’s niche.  However, many small business owners already spend most of their day maintaining their physical business.  They do not have the time to write a blog regularly, or create new content for their website’s business category. 

      But, what if the website could create blogs and generate content for you?  What if the website  can automatically add new blogs on a regular basis, and free you up to focus on your business?  Our Auto-blogging feature, included with each Turnkey Website, does exact that.


auto-blogging for turnkey websites

     Turn Key Websites Onine’s auto-blogging feature can generate blogs and content for you.  We have already done the bulk of the work and coding, and set up sections within each Turn Key website where you want content to be refreshed.  You just have to select the algorithm and frequency, and Auto-blogging does the rest!  Here’s an example of Auto-blogging in action – click on the link below and note the aricles are recent and up to date:


      Notice this demo website’s content refreshes periodically.  There is already a default auto-blogging configuration set up for each turnkey website, so if you are fine with the current auto-blogging content, just leave the website as is and it will update your website every day.  If you would like to customize the content, it is very simple and only requires about 10 minutes to complete.

     The content created here is 100% legal and royalty free.  Auto-blogging finds content that is free for distribution, and adds it to your website.  The content will be recent and relevant to your website’s niche.

use turnkey website online autoblogging to free up your time!

       Other website competitors expect you to continue to create your own blog and content, after you’ve already spent the effort to build your website.  But that is not practical for small business owners, who spend all of their time focusing on the physical business.  Our team at Turnkey websites online understand the challenges of small business owners, and we built in auto-blogging with you in mind.  Find your turnkey website today and take advantage our Auto-blogging feature to maintain a professional and active website,without taking time away from what you love!

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