Utilizing a Turnkey Website for your Business

   Traditional Small business owners have an online problem.
   Consumer trends continue to shift to the world wide web.  In 2021, e-commerce sales grew 50% to $870 billion.  A major reason for this was due to covid in 2020, limiting consumer’s ability to access physical stores.  But this trend is not going away.  Instead, the movement towards e-commerce continues to accelerate.
   Morgan Stanley predicts US e-commerce could reach 31% of all sales by 2026, as brick and mortar stores close and customers prioritize convenience.  Having a website presence is becoming ever so important as consumers shift to the web to find businesses.
   But many small business owners are not tech saavy.  Yet, in order to build a prescence to attract customers online, there are so many options to choose from.  Web designers are abundant and will design a website for a fee.  Platforms such as Shopify provide platforms and templates to build your website on.  There are almost too many options to select from.  Turnkey Websites provide a quick, simple, effortless setup.  These websites also provide an unique feature – autoblogging – which pulls relevant content regularly, so the business owner does not have to worry about updating content.
   For small businesses, a complex and flashy website is not needed.  They require regular maintenance and updates by programmers.  Over time, hiring the programmers becomes expensive.  Turnkey websites on the other hand, require little maintenance and act as an effective, low cost online prescence to attract consumers.
   Our turnkey websites provide a low cost, simple, yet effective website for the most popular categories.  These websites come with everything needed for the niche, as well as an autoblogging feature, which directs relevant content from the web to the website.  Content is regularly refreshed without the owner’s involvement.  This saves time and money for the business.
Running a small business alone is often challenging and difficult.  Creating and maintaining a website for businesses who are not in technology, can be incredibly daunting.  Utilize our Turnkey Websites today to get your business running online within hours, and help attract online customers without fretting over technology or content!  Select and up your turnkey website within an hour here.
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